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Figure out the last day of work, first name, secret vice and film genre for each person using the clues given.

Below are all categories and options used in this puzzle.

Last Day Of Work
January 26
April 14
June 2
June 28
First Names
Secret Vices
reality tv
Film Genres

Good luck!

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  1. The sci-fi film buff is Nadia.
  2. Either the employee whose last day will be January 26 or the employee whose last day will be June 28 is Nadia.
  3. The person who secretly enjoys smoking will leave after the mystery film buff.
  4. Of the person who secretly enjoys reality tv and the person who secretly enjoys shopping, one loves watching comedy films and the other is leaving the company on April 14.
  5. The person who secretly enjoys reality tv is Malachi.
  6. The employee whose last day will be June 2 doesn't enjoy action or mystery films.
  7. The comedy film buff is not Malia or Sienna.
  8. The mystery film buff doesn't enjoy chocolate and is not Malia.
  9. The sci-fi film buff will leave before the comedy film buff.

Feel free to use this area to jot down notes or ideas to help you remember clues later on in the puzzle.

These are the answers you've solved so far according to your answer grid:

January 26
April 14
June 2
June 28

How to Play:

To complete the puzzle you must complete the top 4 rows of the grid to the left. Set X's for combinations that aren't true, and set a green O for each true pair. Click once on a grid square to write an X, click twice to write an O. Click on it a third time to reset it back to an empty grid square.

Every time you set a green O to indicate a pairing, that pairing will be automatically displayed in your answer grid. Once the answer grid is completely filled in, and you are confident all the pairs are accurate, submit the puzzle to be scored.

Request a Hint:

If you're absolutely stuck and can't proceed any further, you can request a hint by clicking the button below.

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