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Report a Bug or Problem is a web-application, and as such it can perform quite differently on different computers, different browsers, international keyboards, etc. We're constantly working to improve the system and eradicate bugs as and when they appear. If you have experienced a problem or possible bug on it would be an enormous help if you could report it using the following form. The more information you provide about the problem and the environment in which is occurred, the more likely we are to find and implement a speedy solution. Thanks for your help!

Please note: Each and every puzzle on the site has been thoroughly tested - each is solvable using logic alone, and guessing and/or trial and error are never required. If you are not able to solve a puzzle, it is almost certainly not a bug to be reported via this page. There are some puzzles on the site that require advanced solving techniques (especially in the group of puzzles added in December 2012) - check out this video for hints and techniques on how to solve particularly difficult logic puzzles.

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